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    Wednesday Men’s League

   Get updated information on the league quicker this year. Sign up for the Men’s League text program. Reminders and cancellations will arrive via text for instant access. Just text MTL23 to #844-930-4939 and sign up for program. It’s easy to do and will save you phone calls during your busy day.

You will only receive Men’s league updates, information on special events, and cancellations. Our intention is to get you information faster. We will only send out information pertaining to the Men’s League with this program.

Each golfer should put a measuring tape in their golf bag. We will not be putting out the measuring devices on the golf course. Our goal is to minimize touch points.

League Format:
League members will be placed in flights based on handicaps. Individuals will play 9-hole matches for points. The results will be combined with other team members in other flights to determine a team champion.
The league consists of 2 separate 9 week sessions. League members may play in either or both of the sessions.
Tee times for the league are between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

$75 for the league registration for the year, or $40 per half.  Must be paid by 3rd week of the league or you will be removed.  Non-members of Spring Meadows are required to pay a reduced greens fee of $27 each week.
Golf cart rental is available for an additional fee.

Sign up:
Please contact Don Cobb (207) 657-5331 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information or to sign up.
You may also contact the golf shop (207) 657-2586 for more information.

2023 Team List

The 10 Teams (100 players) - 1st Half

The 10 Teams (100 players) - 2nd Half

  2023 Master Schedule

Coming Soon 

2023 Tee Times 2nd Half

July 5 - Week 1 Tee Times

July 12 - Week 2 Tee Times

July 19 - Week 3 Tee Times

July 26 - Week 4 Tee Times

August 2 - Week 5 Tee Times

August 9 - Week 6 Tee Times

August 16 - Week 7 Tee Times

August 23 - Week 8 Tee Times

August 30 - Week 9 Tee Times


 1st Half Results

TEAM CHAMPIONS: Kyle Shangraw, Neil Carroll, Ed Doughty, Andy Jensen, Dave Brown, Derek Grant, Joe Peterson, Tom Blake, Paul Cobb, Leo Murawski - 362.5

TEAM RUNNER-UP: Luke Pollock, Tom Graham, Paul Carrera, Mark Hammond, Bill Heywood, Russ Taylor,  Peter Neelon, Dan Myhaver, Chris Dupuis, Jeff Chandler - 359.0

Flight A

James Donaldson 41.0    Spencer Brown 40.0

Flight B

Chris Harper  42.0   Richard Getchell 40.5

Flight C

Mike Cobb 39.0   Brian Briggs 38.5

Flight D

Andy Jensen 45.0   Kevin Brown 42.5

Flight E

Jake Eslinger 41.5   Bill Heywood 40.0

Flight F

Mike Johnson 47.0   Derek Grant 43.0

Flight G

Reggie Gammon 43.5   Dick McCann 38.0, Peter Neelon 38.0, Kyle Underwood 38.0

Flight H

Tom Ridge 44.5   Phil Dyer 41.0

Flight I

Paul Cobb 45.0    Neil Bailey 40.0

Flight J

Tim Shelley 46.0   Will McMellon 39.0


2023 Sub List

Please contact the golf shop to notify Pro Shop if you get a sub.


 2023 CTP Weekly Results

May 3 Results

May 10 Results

May 17 Results

May 24 Results

May 31 Results

June 7 Results

June 14 Results

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